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Spousal maintenance

Sometimes one of the parties to a relationship needs assistance with living and other expenses after separation. In certain situations, one party may be required to provide ongoing financial support to the other party of a marriage or de facto relationship, either on a short term or long term basis. The Family Law Act provides for the payment of spousal maintenance in circumstances where one party has the required level of need and the other party has sufficient means/capacity to pay.


Periodic spousal maintenance orders tend to be relatively short term, usually until the conclusion of the matter. Spousal maintenance payments may be ordered in either marriages or de facto relationships, and applications may be considered alongside, or separately from, property settlement proceedings.


The availability of spousal maintenance is a matter provided for within the Commonwealth Family Law Act 1975 whereas separately the availability of child support payments is a matter provided for within the Queensland' Child Support Assessment Act. Hence, they are two entirely different matters dealt with separately. Further information regarding child support payments can be found here.

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